Why Join?

If I guaranteed you will double your profits, that you can add $1 million in rebates, would you take some time to satisfy that urge to learn more, that curiosity that only a handful possess?  If I told you that you would OWN a huge chunk of a multi BILLION dollar corporation, would you read on?  Is this too good to be true?  Absolutely, but only for a few and only for a short time.


Innovation and disruption are words NOT often associated with roofing.  Yet, all modern successes are based on those two words.  It could be said that RQR intends to be the Uber or Amazon of this industry and that would be correct.  We envision a future where the highest quality businesses band together to dominate, not only their local market, but the industry as a whole.  A multi billion dollar buying juggernaut that needs to be respected by the manufacturers, that demands and receives pricing that is better than the top commercial enterprises or the big box stores, that bulk purchases insurance and national branding, that dominates the internet and drives those with no vision into the shadows of our industry, and disrupts and changes this industry!


That said, most cannot see that far into the future, but you can look at two events of the past to see where we are heading.  First, remember when roofing profits hovered around 50%?  If you have been in this industry long, you have watched the average profitability drop to 31.7%.  Why?  Second, I’d like you to look at the Carpet One story closely.  Carpet One is a local store in your town, to be sure, the largest seller of carpet, but they are really a buying cooperative, which RQR is emulating in many ways.  The Carpet One dealer in your town is the largest store there.  Carpet One is the largest buyer of carpet in the world, purchasing $3.1 billion in a $9 billion wholesale market.  A market, by the way, that is almost exactly the same size, profitability and difficulty as our industry.  Each Carpet One member has received over $1.1 million in cash rebates since they joined.  Has any manufacturer offered you $1.1 million lately?  Each member of CCA will state in the absolute, that becoming an owner of Carpet One is the most important business decision they have made.  When the 2008 recession hit, 25% of all carpet stores went under, but not CCA members.  Carpet One has not only returned that $1.1 million, they are large enough that they have purchased outright, many of the manufacturers and now own the source and the distribution.  Do you have plans for any similar expansion yourself?


You don’t have to see into the future to imagine change.  It is here now, knocking on each door of the few businesses that could qualify.  Yours may be one of them if your sales are between $3 and $15 million (+/-, per location), has a solid reputation and you run a credible business.  You may be the best, but you can be better.  Your competition is seriously looking at this as you are, but we want to work with the best, the visionaries, the upwardly inclined.  RQR is the change agent in this old school industry.  Our limited number of members will disrupt and then promote those with enough curiosity to look further.  There is much to do in changing an entire industry, but RQR members will have national exposure, guaranteed growth and a highly qualified, “big business” staff to make it all happen.  None of which any one of us could pull off by ourselves.


Read on, look further, be curious.  This may be the most important business decision you make, or it could be the end of your business.  It is that important.