Thank you for your interest.  So often, manufacturers, in a quest to do the best job (sell, sell, sell), forget that the success of their customer is, and always will be, related to the success of the manufacturer.  This is an opportunity to tie yourself to a group of the best roofers in the country.

We are not a club or a “feel good” association, we are all owners and have a vested interest in the success of RQR.  RQR will be the representative and negotiator for 1,000 of the larger roofing professionals in the US. Not the top 100, but the second 1,000, fast becoming the largest purchaser in the world.  To qualify for membership, a roofing company must do between $3 and $15 million+/-*, have a solid reputation, and have the ability and desire to grow significantly. Through the efforts of our already successful members, we expect significant growth and outsized profits within 5 years of joining RQR, utilizing an age old proven system.

Together, these contractors currently sell approximately $5.15 billion in retail.  Once enrollment is complete, RQR expects the combined retail to be approximately $6 billion.  We fully expect to grow to $8, $10 and on to billions more in sales. Currently, there is only one co-op in the roofing industry, and its members consist of only the top few commercial roofing contractors, selling low margin, commodity jobs.  This is currently the most powerful negotiator in the industry, delivering prices on commercial material far below what the most established roofer pays, and brings in hundreds of millions of dollars to the participating manufacturers, without the costs associated with solicitation, collection, and retention.  They currently buy under $600 million. Between the successful negotiations of that co-op and companies like Home Depot, we have confirmed that many manufacturers are able, willing, and ready to participate with a quality, nationally promoted and growth based cooperative like RQR.

Part of the RQR strategy is national advertising, branding, and domination of the web.  RQR is not hiding their members names and associations. RQR is short for ResQroof, our trademarked brand.  ResQroof and resQroofers are the future of roofing. Rebates from negotiations will put hundreds of millions into the RQR budget.  With approximately 3% for overhead and some reserves established, the remaining will be divided: half is returned to the members and investors who own the cooperative, and half goes toward national advertising, branding and large scale direct sales.  National advertising is a critical component of RQR, as it will build brand recognition and provide our 1,000 roofing professionals with impactful advertising at the level of other national brands like Nutrisystems, or Downey. Fact is, we have the potential to advertise our brand and our quality message at a level 5 times higher than the Eveready Bunny.  Like it or not, that’s power and association and influence over this level of promotion is likely to boost some manufacturers. In addition; linking 1,000 websites together, conquest marketing, awards and other press releases, then feeding these national leads and accolades to our members, allow us to help them successfully dominate their local markets.

National advertising, branding, and an unmatched web presence are some of the key ways that RQR is disrupting the roofing industry, so the best local contractors in their areas can dominate their markets, push the unlicensed and unprofessional people out of the roofing industry, all while keeping money in their local communities and successfully competing against big box stores or “national” contractors.  RQR is also a safety net for 1,000 contractors throughout the US. RQR is modeled after another cooperative representing another very similar sized industry within construction, which only lost 2 out of 950 of its member stores to the 2008 recession. Outside of that co-op, 25% of non-member businesses from that industry closed their doors. RQR gives member companies a competitive advantage with discounts, rebates, and the marketing previously mentioned to compete with the big box stores, unprofessional roofer or “the bigger they are” contractors.

RQR is disrupting the roofing industry.  Manufacturers that recognize the power of a disruptor can see the win-win-win benefits of this cooperative.  Manufacturers benefit by having access to the pipeline, proper specifications in the field, quality roofers with a reputation to protect and training to back it up (who need not be babysat), using the best names in roofing, and a clear, nationally recognized separation from unprofessional roofers that make up far too much of the industry. They will benefit greatly from our 1,000 contractors whose business will double, by having national advertising supporting and promoting our participating manufacturers products.


Reprinted from our Private Placement Memorandum

1).  Success!

Manufacturers want to be tied to a success.  Some will fight it, but others will see the win-win-win possibilities.  Small manufacturers will look on this as possibly the only way to break into the market, since the majors have a near stranglehold.  Since the majors know this, they will be compelled to work with RQR or face additional competition, which can break their stranglehold.  Regardless, manufacturers risk losing ten’s, even hundreds of millions in existing sales in a single negotiation. That is the true opposite of success, so those interested in success will become win-win-win partners with RQR owner/members, while improving their image.  The truly forward thinking manufacturers will get in earlier than sales may justify. Why? Simple economics and behavioral sciences will fill in the blanks for you. You spend millions trying to look like friends to your customers, so this is a way to continue that effort and to provide true support, without the speculation spending.

2).  Self preservation.  One only needs to look at any number of examples to see the effects of not working with a “first in” co-op.   With $2 billion plus in purchases, this represents $50 to $200 million and more in wholesale business with each of the major manufacturers.   One 30 minute negotiation could cost a single manufacturer $100 million. Augment this risk with the loss of hundreds of other jobs within that organization, the collective intellectual value, followed by the possible loss of control of the entire business unit.  This is simple economics at play. With buying power that eclipses all others, RQR will be respected and courted, even if your boss wishes us to go away. Fact is, with outsized yearly cost increases, the roofing manufacturers kind of asked for this.

3).  Name recognition.  As stated above and in the materials (website, etc.) you can see how $10’s of millions can be spent on a campaign of quality and national warranted services.  Manufacturers who join in on that campaign (which they are paying for with properly directed co-op dollars), can also be seen as “quality” by the public at large, even if the consumer did not purchase from an RQR member.  Since 90% of you spend all your ad dollars on the roofers, you cannot know what it might feel like to be respected and asked for from the public. It feels “rich” and your other distributors cannot ignore a nationalized product.

A profitable ground floor entry into this coop can be ground breaking.


This is different and this cooperative works for manufactures.  These 1,000 contractors are well-established, multi-million-dollar contractors with far above average reputations and solid credit.  They have dozens of employees and a sales presence, that will flourish even further with RQR’s help, and double their profits within the first few years.  RQR is an opportunity for manufacturers to piggyback onto that image of quality. If your company can have even a small part of improving this industry’s reputational problem, it is worth taking the chance, and joining the leading disruptive force of the industry.  Being given a market by RQR is far easier and less expensive than building one against your competition. Differentiate yourself in a way that builds an opportunity for all involved.

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