About RQR

We support independent roofing professionals helping them achieve their maximum potential



RQR’s mission is to increase our member’s buying power and double their profits within the first five years of full operation, while maintaining a high level of values and commitment to our shared core principles.


Core Principles

  1. Empower our members by offering exclusive opportunities in the roofing industry, while continuously negotiating for the best prices, co-op ad dollars, and services for the member.
  2. Enrich our members by keeping profits in their bank accounts and in their communities
  3. Maintain a representative system where our members make decisions as owners of RQR
  4. Offer quality products and uphold the best standard of service to our members, and extend this service to their customers

5 Keys to Success

RQR is only as successful as its members, each of whom are owners. Our success and reputation will be made together. We want to empower our members and their businesses to help them succeed in a competitive market that is being dramatically impacted by the consolidation of businesses and superstores.

  1. Attract Appropriate Members – RQR will vet potential members that want to seize their market with skill and integrity. Our members will be established roofers that have a track record of above average sales, profit margins, and reputation. However, we are not seeking large dominating companies. This makes us stronger at the negotiating table, and positive reputations help us build positive brand recognition
  2. Build the Best Reputation in the Roofing Industry – Selecting better members protects all members and the RQR brand. Together we holster a good reputation, which helps us to create a national singularity. The RQR logo and ResQRoof name brings the perception of trust and safety. Our members are highly qualified and are conscious of their own reputation.  The consumers of our products will know this from national advertising, paid for by the manufacturers.  The collective good RQR can do, along with intensified training, more sales, higher closing ratios, higher profits, national exposure and honest business practices can bring all RQR members unseen profits.
  3. Build Buying Power with Powerful Negotiations – Each of our members help us to create a greater buying power. With a greater number of members, RQR will have the ability to be powerful negotiators. However, this is limited to 1,000 members, which is what we need to buy over $1 billion for our members and grow that number to $3 billion. These negotiations will include negotiations for the manufacturers to return dividends to RQR and provide services such as training, advertising, better warranties, consumer referrals and exclusivity to our members. We will negotiate with manufacturers to give an appropriate discount based on the volume that will be offered to the manufacturer on a mutually beneficial, win-win basis
  4. Access to National Advertising and National Web Presence  – National advertising is at the heart of our plan for members’ success. To start, we aim for each consumer who searches the web in a member’s zip code to see RQR and the individual member businesses first. The collection of hundreds of local websites, funneled into one portal and then locked together will ensure this. Advertising will include trade journals and trade shows specific to the industry, such as facility and property management, building engineers, large-scale home builders, designers, HGTV type shows, Angie’s list, other trend-setters, and more. Our membership and presence in these materials, websites, and shows will be unique to RQR members, who share in those memberships. Furthermore, in time there will be advertising on national and local television and radio. Run as a cooperative advertising, coordinated with manufacturers, so that consumers buy that manufacturer’s product through our members. Who else brings the reputations of a thousand great roofers and has the money to do something about it?
  5. Commitment to our Members and Investors by Returning Dividends – Over the course of our relationship together, we want to put a $million back in our members’ pockets. Our immediate goal is to double member profits in just the first five years of full operation and return dividends back to members and investors. The return on investment will be magnified in your business by RQR advising in management, training and access, local advertising options, along with a national sales force operating a call center for lead generation, all from direct response advertising and all paid for by the manufacturers.  In today’s rapidly changing marketing environment, roofers are left years behind as an industry.  As the largest buyer of roofing materials, eclipsing $3 Billion in wholesale purchasing, RQR will have the staff of the very best working on your website and in your interest, tied together with thousands of videos, blogs and PPC advertising, all bringing customers happily to your door.